re:char has partnered with several for-profit and non-profit entities to secure strategic grants and opportunities to develop the biochar concept.

Savona Combustion Laboratory: The Savona Combustion Laboratory is a research group involved in both fossil-fuel and wood-biomass combustion & gasification activities. The group has built and operated a downdraft gasifier (12 kWel) fed with rapid-growth hard-wood from its own forestation program since 2006.

The African Christians Organization Network: (ACON) has been working in Western Kenya since 2000 to empower villagers by providing opportunities for development that are environmentally sustainable. Since 2004, they have been focusing their work on how to reduce deforestation while improving soils for local farmers in the area. Part of this solution is improved cookstoves and the use of biochar.

EarthSpark International: By partnering with entrepreneurs and organizations to develop local businesses and country-scale supply chains for clean and efficient energy technologies, EarthSpark tries to eradicate poverty. re:char has been working closely with EarthSpark to bring low-cost, clean charcoal to Haiti.