advisory board

re:char’s advisory board is our link to the worlds of academia and industry, helping us to engage University and entrepreneurial resources as we develop our technology and concepts.

Courtney Nichols: Courtney is an entrepreneur and consultant specializing in developing and growing high-technology companies. Courtney was the former COO of Verified Identity Pass, Inc., also known as Fly Clear. She was also the former President of EasyLink Services (NSDQ: ESIC). Courtney is currently a board member and advisor for Dadlabs Inc., Richmond Management, Wemix and ShareImpact. She brings a wealth of business and technology experience to re:char.

Dr. James Lovelock: Dr. Lovelock is an independent scientist, environmentalist and researcher from Devon, UK. He is famously known for developing the Gaia Theory, which purports that Earth functions as an interconnected superorganism. He has recently emerged as a strong advocate for biochar and other aggressive carbon sequestration technologies.

Rich Sun: Rich has invested in, advised, been an executive for or played other key roles in over 20 startups, including several cleantech companies. He has invested over $200 million in infrastructure and energy for a PE firm and was an investment banker with Goldman, CreditSuisse and UBS. Rich received his B.A. from Princeton and completed his M.B.A. at New York University.