Make Biochar

Climate Kiln Mini ($120 ships within the continental US)

The Climate Kiln Mini is a small-scale biochar kiln intended for the home gardener or small farmer. With a 5 gallon capacity, you can produce your own biochar for your raised beds, potted plants or small garden. The Climate Kiln Mini features an adjustable primary air intake to control burn time and quality. Produce biochar from wood chips, agricultural waste or leaves. Grow more food and fight climate change!






Climate Kiln v. 1: $290 (shipping included within the continental U.S.!)

re:char’s ready-to-run pyrolyzer based around a recycled 55-gallon drum.¬†Fully illustrated instructions in english are included.


With our unique kiln design, you can turn waste into wealth for your garden. The Climate Kiln will process yard trimmings, cardboard, wood chips, bamboo, dried grass, leaves, crop waste–practically anything you have lying around your yard–and convert it into a rich, carbon-negative nutrient sponge! By incorporating the biochar you produce into your garden, you can reduce your water consumption, use compost and fertilizer more efficiently, and improve the quality and size of your plants.


The best part of all is that every pound of biochar you incorporate into your yard takes three pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and locks it into the soil for thousands of years!

Each Climate Kiln purchased in the U.S.A. funds the donation of one kiln to a Kenyan farming family!


re:char’s ready-to-run pyrolyzer based around a modified 55-gallon drum.
Full instructions, both pictorial and in English, are included.
Note: during your first several burns, the paint on the barrel will smoke off. Make sure all burns are well-ventilated, and use these initial burns to condition the barrel: discard the char after evaluating its quality.

Pyrolyzer Kit: $140(shipping included within the continental U.S.!)

Contents include re:char’s custom lid, chimney base, secondary air plate, and mesh grating, operation manual and assembly instructions.

You provide your own 55-gallon steel drum and tools with which to modify it, your own chimney, and your own 8″ duct cap (available at major hardware stores).
A video showing the barrel modification is available here.


Please contact with any questions. Thanks for your support!