re:char develops and deploys small biochar production factories in the developing world.

The re:char concept: re:char empowers subsistence farmers in the developing world to enhance their crop yields and supplement their income while trapping atmospheric carbon and enriching depleted soils!

Climate Kiln: re:char’s Climate Kiln is a small pyrolysis system capable of generating biochar or fuel charcoal.

Pyrolysis: Re:char is focused on adapting the time-tested pyrolysis process for low-cost, carbon-negative conversion of biomass into value-added products. Agricultural wastes represent the ideal feedstock for biomass pyrolysis, as they are both abundant and often carry zero or negative value.

Designer Biochar: re:char’s biochar blends have increased nutrient/cation availability and water-retention ability making them ideal for use in agricultural soils. Please contact us for additional information.