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$365 Charcoal Retort

Friend of re:char and International Biochar Initiative Press Liason, Kelpie Wilson, recently posted an interesting slideshow describing her $365 charcoal retort kiln on her website. Kelpie’s design is simple and inexpensive, and based on her slideshow appears to work quite well. We invite you to visit her original post for the slideshow and how-to.

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Make Your Own Biochar

Friend of re:char and biochar researcher Folke G√ľnther provides handy and easy-to-follow instructions on how to construct a simple, two-barrel biomass pyrolyzer at home. Folke’s Simple Charcoal Retort consists of two nested steel barrels, and can be made using recycled or locally-available materials. While the system is not designed to produce fuel oil, it does […]

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