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Have 15 Minutes for Biochar in Australia?

ABC Lateline, an Australian news program, did a report on May 24 discussing the status of biochar’s prospects on the island (click to view the video and/or read the transcript).  Prominent Australian scientist Tim Flannery contributes, as does the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries biochar team leader Lukas Van Zwieten, several Australian farmers, […]

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Biochar Hero, Johannes Lehmann, Testifies before the 111th Congress

On June 18, Cornell Associate Professor of Soil Fertility Management/Soil Biogeochemistry and author of Biochar for Environmental Management: Science and Technology (referred to by some as the Bible of Biochar) Dr. Johannes Lehmann testified before the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. The hearing, Global Warming’s Growing Concerns: Impacts on Agriculture and […]

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Al Gore Supports Soil Carbon Sequestration

The Times UK recently reported on our former Vice President’s remarks at an environmental conference in at the Smith School in Oxford.  He made several key points with regards to soil carbon: (1) “There is three times as much carbon [sic] in the first two meters of soil than there is in all of the […]

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