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Ocean Algae to Biochar– A discussion with Dr. James Lovelock

Here at re:char, we are often bombarded with requests for proprietary information about our technology. “Can you please provide schematic diagrams for your pyrolyzer systems?” “Can you provide the details of your bio-oil upgrading processes?” Although we believe in the open-source model, it’s exceedingly difficult to have a completely transparent tech development process while remaining […]

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re:char appoints Dr. James Lovelock to Advisory Board

It is with great pleasure that re:char officially announces the appointment of Dr. James Lovelock to our advisory board. Dr. Lovelock will take the position of ‘scientific advisor,’ helping to ensure a gaia-centric and sustainable rollout of re:char’s technology. Dr. Lovelock has long been our hero, and it is truly an honor to work with […]

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Elegant Explanation of Biochar by Dr. James Lovelock

Dr. James Lovelock, climate change visionary and originator of the Gaia Hypothesis recently spoke to KUOW in Seattle about climate change, biochar and the future of the human race. We’ve linked to the podcast of the interview below, as it provides a lovely and elegant explanation of the biochar concept, and how it can be […]

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