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BBC World features our work in Western Kenya

  re:char’s work in Western Kenya was recently¬†featured on an episode of BBC World’s Horizons Business. This episode covered innovative business approaches to solving food insecurity in Africa. The Horizons Business team visited us in Bungoma, interviewed some of our farmers, and produced a great 5 minute segment on our work. Our segment was then […]

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New Possibilities in Biochar Stoves

The 3 stone fire– the traditional East African Cooking apparatus found in millions of rural households. It’s simple and cheap, consisting of 3 large stones supporting a cook pot, with a wood fire burning underneath. The 3 stone fire is ideal for cooking ugali, the staple dish of the region (a thick paste of cornmeal […]

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The Humble Beginnings of a Biochar Revolution

Bungoma, Kenya– Today re:char has officially joined forces with ACON, an East African non-profit committed to bringing biochar and organic farming techniques to farmers in Western Kenya. Led by Salim Mayeki Shaban, ACON has converted 750 farms across 30 villages to biochar and organic techniques. Through their efforts, ACON has nearly doubled the crop yield […]

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Comparison of Maize Crop in Western Kenya

Meet Stoyek

Stoyek Okumo is a small farmer in Bungoma County in Kenya’s Western District. Like the millions of other farmers in Western Kenya, Stoyek farms approximately one acre of land. He grows beans, maize and kale to provide food for his family, and generate a bit of income. Life for small farmers in Kenya is challenging. […]

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Jambo Kenya!

Jambo! The re:char team is currently in Western Kenya working hard to bring biochar to those who need it most. Kenyan smallholder farmers (like many others in the developing world) are at great risk from food insecurity and climate change. Already our partners in-country have noticed delays in the onset of the rainy season, leading […]

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