Reviewing Test Clear- Critique of Passing Drug Tests

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Reviewing Test Clear- Critique of Passing Drug Tests


There isn’t anything much to do when it comes to blood testing for drugs. All you need to do is exercise and detox at least 72 hours before the test will be conducted. If the test is to be done on short notice, there is nothing you can do except getting a blood transfusion to eliminate THC in your system.

Saliva Swab Test

This method of testing for drugs is becoming quite popular as many employers prefer to conduct the test immediately. This is especially because the person performing the test can monitor you while your being tested. The THC in your system can easily be detected if you have recently smoked.

If you have not smoked since the previous day, there is a likely chance that by brushing your teeth or using a good mouthwash will reduce the number of toxins in your mouth for at least a couple of hours.

Accelerated Detox Program

Another way you can pass a drug test is by getting involved in a detoxification program. You can purchase a good detox kit to get rid of THC in your system within one week. You can learn more about this on Test Clear reviews page. Most detox kits usually come with a testing kit to allow you to check the results of your pee. This will give you enough time so you can be able to pass a drug test for a future job.

This method is very effective however for people that don’t use drug all the time. If you follow all the instructions properly, you will have a 100% chance of passing the drug test successfully.

24-Hour Detox Product

You also have an option of getting a 24-hour detox kit that works immediately. There is a test clear wordpress article and a tumlbr article on detoxification and on other products like this.  These products can only work effectively for people that do not take marijuana regularly. If you take a 24-hour detox, it will mask the THC contained in your blood system for at least 5 to 10 hours.

You might also choose a 24-hour detox that begins working immediately. However, this option only works for light to medium pot users. This, however, depends on the type of product you buy. If you buy a very good detox product, you will begin to notice the effects within the first day you take it.

Many companies offer 24-hour detox products, but only very few of them are effective enough to enable you to pass your drug test.

Getting Exercise

If your drug test is scheduled to hold at least in three days, you can try doing exercises before the day of the drug test from Clear Drug Tests. Exercising will absorb the THC and convert it into fat cells which will be burned off. The more you continue to burn the fat cells in your body, the more your chances of passing the drug test is improved.

Changing Your Diet

Just like the way exercises work, changing your diet at least three days before you are to take the drug test will increase your chances of passing it.

You can start by ingesting meals that are highly rich in fiber and then few hours after taking the drug test. You can decide to eat red meat or food with high-fat content.

How this works is that the body will start gathering fat cells and reduce the amount of THC that will be found in the kidney around the period of the time you are being tested.