Introducing Rutuba/Climate Kiln Version 2.0!

Kiln Version 2.0

Kiln Version 1.0

After several months of development and testing, the re:char team is excited to announce the launch of its new Rutuba/Climate Kiln Version 2.0. The kiln is the only mass-produced biochar kiln in the world that can be ordered online with one click.

We designed Kiln 1.0 to be low-cost, capable of being produced anywhere in the world. We also designed it to meet the needs of everyone from East African Farmers to Bay Area Organic Gardeners. Based on our own testing and user feedback, we’ve made a number of improvements to the original design and added a few new features.

The first thing one may notice is the improved lid design. It offers the following advancements over version 1.0:

  • Improved preheating and mixing of secondary air leading to a cleaner and more stable burn
  • Centrally mounted stack to improve draft
  • Cleaner design with more visible branding
  • Stronger lid to reduce buckling and bending during quenching

The body of kiln V 2.0 also offers some unique improvements:

  • Fixed primary air intake eliminates need to dig a hole underneath the kiln
  • Belly wrap improves overall aesthetics and increases insulation

These combined design improvements lead to a more streamlined biochar production system. Rutuba/Climate Kiln V 2.0 is the premier biochar kiln for the small farmer, backyard gardener or biochar experimenter. We find users can produce higher quality char in a shorter amount of time with Kiln V 2.0. Users can also add a forced-air fan to their primary intake to experiment with higher-temperature production.

We have already rolled our production of Kiln V 2.0 in Kenya, and will be offering the complete unit in the US within 2 weeks. We look forward to serving the needs of the growing biochar industry!


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