Providing Organic, Sustainable Alternatives

When stepping in to the shops of western Kenyan agricultural input retailers (referred to as Agrovets) you can rarely find truly organic, sustainable options. That is in the process of changing.

While our ultimate goal is to enable farmers to be self-sustaining (ie owning their own Rutuba biochar kiln) we have introduced a lower priced product that will help farmers get their feet wet: a pre-made, ready to apply biochar yield enhancer.

For about $10 farmers can now properly amend about 40 square meters of soil with biochar.

A few comparisons between your typical Kenyan fertilizer — DAP (di-ammonium phosphate) and our biochar yield enhancer:

Well, DAP’s got us beat on the last point, but we’ll concede that one. With the conversion of a one acre sugar cane farm’s waste to ready to use biochar bags we create as many as 20 jobs through field clearing and biochar production.

Nearly every farmer we talk to expresses a desire to move away from chemical fertilizers. Their concern is that they don’t know what to use instead. Our current Agrovet partners understand the importance of breaking the all too common DAP cycle of dependency by introducing viable alternatives like re:char’s Yield Enhancer.

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