The Black Revolution Begins Now

re:char is excited to announce the launch of our newest product for US and European Markets: Black Revolution. Black Revolution is a soilless growth media for plants containing biochar. It’s the world’s first carbon-negative replacement for potting soil, and we need your help to launch it. We’ve set up a campaign on to pre-sell a small quantity of Black Revolution, before it’s available to the public. With your help, we can jump start this exciting new product.


The potting soil industry is traditionally one of the most environmentally destructive. Most potting soil contains peat moss and vermiculite–non-renewable resources mined in endangered areas. Black Revolution contains carbon-negative biochar, sustainably produced compost, and waste coconut husk. Not only is it environmentally-friendly, but it can improve the growth of your plants up to 200%.

Black Revolution is suitable for use in pots, gardens or raised beds. It can be used as a soil amendment, or a complete replacement for soil. It comes packaged in recycled burlap from old coffee bags, inspired by the vertical gardens in Kenya’s largest slums. Users can even plant seeds directly in the bag to create a carbon-negative vertical farm.

We’re unbelievably excited to launch this product. For the past 4 years, we’ve been working with farmers around the world to determine the optimal blend of biochar for different environments. We’ve realized that on its own, raw biochar is difficult for novice farmers to use. That’s why we created Black Revolution. Now, anyone can grow their own food at home and help fight climate change. Every bag of Black Revolution is equivalent to offsetting between 5 and 60 miles of driving a US automobile (depending on bag size).

Please take a moment today and check out our Kickstarter campaign. Watch our video, filmed on-site in Kenya, and learn more about re:char and Black Revolution. As always, the work we do in the developed world helps re:char to grow its operations in the developing world. Please consider pre-ordering a bag (or two) of Black Revolution for yourself or the gardnerer in your life. If you can’t make a pledge today, please tweet, share or email out the link to our campaign. We’ll be showing off Black Revolution this week at SXSW in Austin, so if you’re around please come visit! Every bit we can do grow our own food and fight climate change is a small step in a global revolution.

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