How Many Climate Kilns Can We Build In 4 Days?

Short answer: at least 50.


Our Shop-In-A-Box has produced 50 climate kilns in just 4 days, thanks to the hard work of Tom Ochieng and Paul Manda. Even faced with numerous continuing technical challenges, our first 2 hires in Kenya have proved themselves capable of exceeding our initial production goal of 300 units per month.

Hard at work, mid-production


The toughest part for me? Making myself stay out of the way. This was a strict test to ensure that things run smoothly when I’m not in Kenya; I made them submit questions to me via text message and email, thus limiting us to communications that can easily occur internationally. I wasn’t even at the shop for most of the production run, showing up to do small amounts of grinding and other low-skilled labor.

Some of the fruits of their labor


Great job, guys. I’m proud to be leaving our Bungoma-based production in hands more competent than mine.

Sun down day 4, production finished


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