Call for re:char Summer Interns (Kenya and Austin)

It’s that time of year again. As our organization grows, we need talented people to fill positions. We ┬ábelieve an intensive, summer internship is the best way to identify and hire permanent team members. Working for re:char isn’t easy. We work in some of the toughest areas on the planet. If you think you have what it takes, read this entire post and apply below. Last year we got quite a few applications, and we expect this year to be no different. Please be honest and thoughtful in your answers. We will read every application and will follow up directly if we are interested.


re:char seeks talented and motivated summer interns for both our Austin and Kenya operations. re:char is a company developing mobile pyrolysis technologies to produce biochar and energy from agricultural waste. We develop solutions for small farmers that allow them to improve crop yield, improve incomes and sequester atmospheric carbon. We have no set internship requirements, but could use help in the following areas:

  • Mechanical Engineering (Austin/Kenya)
  • Combustion Engineering (Austin/Kenya)
  • Fabrication (Austin/Kenya)
  • Social Media/marketing (Global)
  • Biochar Training Programs (Kenya)
  • Biochar application protocol development (Austin/Kenya)
  • Farmer Outreach (Kenya)
  • Business Development (Austin/Kenya)

Accepted candidates will receive a stipend to cover living expenses for the summer. Successful applicants for Kenya positions will also receive a round-trip ticket to Nairobi from their place of residence. Standout interns will be considered for full-time employment (2 of our previous interns are now full-time team members). All ages and backgrounds are welcome to apply.

About re:char

re:char is a for-profit social enterprise based in Austin, TX developing mobile pyrolysis systems. We build and sell small systems to produce biochar for farmers. We have been recognized and supported by leading social enterprise foundations and networks, including Echoing Green, Pop!Tech, The Unreasonable Institute, The Global Social Benefits Incubator (GSBI) and the Doen Foundation.

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