Fox Business News Interviews re:char Founder

Fox Business News reporter Christina Scotti interviewed re:char founder, Jason Aramburu, on the potential of biochar as a carbon sequestration mechanism. Jason and Christina discussed the benefits of biochar, and the potential of re:char’s mobile fast pyrolysis technologies for improving agriculture and energy production in the developing world. Excerpts are shown from Jason’s 90-second Elevator pitch at the Echoing Green Finalist Weekend, a grant program supporting emerging social entrepreneurs. Please view the video below via or watch Fox Business on cable tv May 26th.

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One Response to Fox Business News Interviews re:char Founder

  1. Jeff Wallin June 2, 2010 at 9:29 am #

    Great work, re-char! It's always good to see biochar getting new press. I can see Amaburu become the industry's Ambassador of Biochar.