re:char appoints Dr. James Lovelock to Advisory Board

It is with great pleasure that re:char officially announces the appointment of Dr. James Lovelock to our advisory board. Dr. Lovelock will take the position of ‘scientific advisor,’ helping to ensure a gaia-centric and sustainable rollout of re:char’s technology. Dr. Lovelock has long been our hero, and it is truly an honor to work with him.

Dr. Lovelock is an independent scientist, environmentalist and researcher from Devon, UK. He is best known for proposing the Gaia Theory, which purports that Earth and its interconnected natural systems function as a superorganism. He was also the first to discover the presence of CFCs in our atmosphere.

In recent years, Dr. Lovelock has emerged as an advocate for aggressive schemes to reduce and sequester atmospheric carbon emissions. He supports the large-scale production of charcoal via pyrolysis as a means to sequester carbon and improve soil quality.

We welcome Dr. Lovelock on board our team, and will keep the re:char community posted with new details as they emerge.



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