Take that Climate Change Skepticons ! !

Here is the clear highlight of the next day. The United States has its own prominent pavilion near the European Union’s. It features a globe suspended from the ceiling upon which visual projections are made, indicating changing coast lines from sea level rise. Next to it is a meeting room where this press conference (of sorts) took place.


The fact that a group with this perspective is allowed to present at such a conference under the current administration is beyond me. The message this is sending is still arrogance, greed, and ignorance. Come on, “Americans for Prosperity”? We might as well spell it out “Americans lookin’ out for our own fat selves, and anyone else who wishes to help us gets some scraps”.

Thankfully, a good contingent of American students were looking out for our image and took it upon themselves to stand up to this. The spokesman actually says “Having never attended a UN conference before, and I hope its my last one”. Then the action really starts, here’s the rundown on what happened there:

Students entered the event in small groups, joining a paltry audience of
five conference attendees, who had come to hear climate denier Lord
Christopher Monckton speak about the Copenhagen climate negotiations. After
the first five minutes of the event, student representatives from SustainUS,
the Sierra Student Coalition, the Cascade Climate Network, and other
American youth NGOs displayed banners reading “Climate Disaster Ahead” and
“Clean Energy Now.” After security agents at the event took the banners, the
young attendees began a chant of “Real Americans for Prosperity are
Americans for Clean Energy.” The chant lasted five minutes, as the youth
took the stage and displayed their message for the live video feed being
sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, despite evasive action by Americans
for Prosperity President Tim Phillips and his camera crew. As they left the
stage, Lord Monckton repeatedly called the activists “crazed Hitler Youth”
and “nazis.”

I can’t believe this guy, he must be smoking his money.

Here are a couple other images from the day. Australia, despite stressing the “Critical Importance” of the Copenhagen outcome, has only pledged a 5% reduciton in emissions, which these demonstrators decried. There actually has been a rather considerable representation from the Aussies here at Copenhagen.

Despite the thorough security screening efforts of the Conference (putting most airports to shame), imaginative getups were still to be found inside:

In the evening I attended an art opening off site in the old meat packing district of Copenhagen. Put on by the Global Gender & Climate Alliance, the opening of (Re) Cycles of Paradise featured a theatrical performance of an involved piece entitled “Want it done, ask a woman” by the “Theater for Africa”.

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