the mindset . . .

Everyone here in Copenhagen had their own journey that requires or compels them to be here. Recently I’d been musing on this, and thinking about the location, sure to be rather cold. I wondered why they chose such a location then thought of how the cold we know now may not be for much longer. Ice, a state of matter essential to the natural regulation of the Earth’s temperature, could some become a fleeting long lost friend. I hoped people would think of this in the cold of Copenhagen.

Shortly before departing for Denmark I noticed a listing for a performance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. DJ Spooky, an innovative music composer, was to perform his new project: Terra Nova: Sinfonia Antarctica.

A late stage of my journey to Copenhagen would take me to view this piece, a multimedia spectacle showcasing the continent that represents the most massive bastion of climate regulating ice the planet has. The visual element of the performance was considerable. As one visual portrayed the globe of the Earth viewed from below the south pole, I felt it showed the pure, white, vulnerable soft underbelly of a being (Gaia if you may).

Will we end up defending it ? ? ?

From the previews I’d read I expected to hear what had been dubbed “the sounds of the ice”, presumeably creaking and cracking as the ice broke apart under the siege of a warming climate. Instead DJ Spooky began the performance draping a collection of metal chimes over a block of smoking dry ice. After a period of shots of the Antarctic ice shot from the sea, and a flurry of graphic representations of climate (warming) related data, the visual presentation loomed on vintage footage of the various expeditions that had set out to reach the South Pole and labored through the white netherworld. This struggle to conquor the ice, it hasn’t proved to be as difficult as it seemed then, now has it?

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