Setting the table . . .

Copenhagen 2009

The meeting set to begin December 7th represents more than many outside the Climate Change realm might think. Trying to conceptualize it myself so that I might relate it to others was a challenge, but I kept coming back to the idea of “Convergence”. Literally a massive convergence of people from around the globe, probably the biggest ever on the subject. Those people hail from an array of camps:
Scientists, Activists, International development bureaucrats, NGO representatives, Counsels (lawyers), Economists, to name some, along with the members of the country negotiating Delegations. All have their own views on what should be done, when, and how it should come about.

The question is, will these views be able to converge into a common (and widely adopted) action plan that will have the substance to significantly reorient the priorities of humanity and its actions towards a path less disruptive of the Earth’s climate?

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