Dr. James Hansen on Biochar and Soil-based Sequestration


re:char recently caught up with Dr. James Hansen of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies at a high-profile demonstration against Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in Southern West Virginia. Dr. Hansen discussed his opinions on biochar, and the need for better agricultural practices which sequester carbon rather than release it. This brief interview was shot shortly before Dr. Hansen delivered a message to the management and staff of Massey Energy highlighting the devastating environmental impact of mountaintop removal. According to Dr. Hansen, Moutaintop Removal (MTR) involves the destruction of entire mountaintops, turning them into rubble which is deposited in nearby valleys. The process provides less than 7% of the nation’s coal, but creates irreversible environmental damage. After delivering this message, Dr. Hansen was arrested along with actress Daryl Hannah and 30 other climate activists for trespassing on Massey Energy’s property and obstructing traffic.

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