$365 Charcoal Retort


Friend of re:char and International Biochar Initiative Press Liason, Kelpie Wilson, recently posted an interesting slideshow describing her $365 charcoal retort kiln on her website. Kelpie’s design is simple and inexpensive, and based on her slideshow appears to work quite well. We invite you to visit her original post for the slideshow and how-to.


One Response to $365 Charcoal Retort

  1. Chris Adam October 18, 2010 at 7:38 am #

    Nice work!
    Any chance to know how much (waste (?)) wood was burned in the 3 hours of heating?
    Any chance to know the efficiency of char conversion – by knowing how much (and what kind of wood)
    of wood was put into the retort (and deducting the estimated water (25%?))
    and knowing the weight of charcoal received?
    Any e-mail available to contact Kelpie Wilson?
    Chris ADAM