Congo Biochar Initiative Receives Major Funding


Democratic Republic of the Congo

re:char friends The Biochar Fund recently won a €300,000 grant from the Congo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF) to impliment the biochar concept in 10 villages  in the Equateur Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Biochar Fund team believes the project provides further scientific validation of the biochar concept, and will help to reduce deforestation, poverty and food scarcity in the Congo Basin. From Mongabay:

“We are very excited about our successful selection by the CBFF,” said Laurens Rademakers, managing director of Biochar Fund. “It means that the biochar concept is scientifically sound and may help alleviate multiple environmental, social and economic crises amongst the world’s absolute poorest people, while at the same time protecting a unique ecosystem that serves humanity as a whole: the rich forests of the Congo Basin. Moreover, our strategy is innovative because it does not force people out of their traditional livelihoods in the name of conservation, as some other concepts do.”

We wish The Biochar Fund team the best of luck in this venture. The biochar concept presents some of the greatest hope for improving the lives of the millions of people living far below the poverty line in the Congo Basin.

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