Make Your Own Biochar

0804burning2net Friend of re:char and biochar researcher Folke G√ľnther provides handy and easy-to-follow instructions on how to construct a simple, two-barrel biomass pyrolyzer at home. Folke’s Simple Charcoal Retort consists of two nested steel barrels, and can be made using recycled or locally-available materials. While the system is not designed to produce fuel oil, it does provide sufficient heat to cook, and generates large quantities of biochar for soil amendment and carbon sequestration. To build your own, visit Folke’s website.

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  1. Disarming the Biochar Wars | re:char - April 8, 2009

    […] that produce varying quantities of biochar, combustible gas and bio-oil. Slow pyrolysis technologies produce primarily biochar, while fast pyrolysis technologies are designed to produce bio-oil. […]

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